Guide to the Tile Repair Form

In order to better serve our customers we have made available this submittal form. With today's use of GPS it's our hope that we can serve you better, and with your help, we can be more efficient with accurate locating information. In addition, with better records the process can go more smoothly for all concerned. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please contact our webmaster. - THANK YOU.

Contact Info

Contact info should be completed for the person overseeing or requesting the work. This info may not be you, but rather the person you designate to oversee and/or direct the repair. Simply who can we call, if we have questions.

Billing Info

Since it's often the case that a manager or tenant will generate a request for tile repair, it is not always clear to us who is to be billed. These are required fields.
PLEASE, only list repairs that pertain to the billing party, you identify. A separate form should be generated per billing party.

Location Info
GPS Location Info

Ideally, a lat/long for each repair is desired. This enables us to pinpoint a repair exactly. If this is not possible, please enter at least the plat book location for the field with repairs needed. If you have a good guess to the size of the tile to be repaired this is helpful, but not required.

Plat Location Info

If GPS locationg is not possible, please enter at least the plat book location for the field with repairs needed. It is further helpful to identify location descriptions in the "notes" area.

Other Location Methods

If it's not possible to enter GPS or Plat info, maps can be attached (uploaded) using the "browse" button. (This denotes to browse for a file to attach).


Notes are available for any optional information you wish to include. Some possible things to consider:

Best way to enter the field to access repair location.

Any special circumstances, which may require additional equiment or materials. Example, a damaged junction box.

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