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Precision Farm Drainage


From single waterway tiles to complete pattern systems. Trenching of 4" to 24" Tile, up to 7' deep. Plowing of 3" to 6" tile, up to 7' deep. SFDI does it all. We do an extensive topograpical map of your land in order to complete a computer aided tile system design. Unlike other companies, we do it all in-house from start to finish (and have done so for over 15 years). Once a plan is prepared, we can sit down and discuss it with you, and even make changes while you watch.

This approach has many advangtages, here are a few:

"You're only as good as your outlet!" A master plan which considers the entire watershed, allows for proper tile main sizing at the onset.


Project unkowns are minimized. All parties agreed to a single master plan.


Once a master plan is finalized, it can be implemented completely, or in phases, at the customer's descretion. With our superior mapping, we can come back years later, and continue were we left off from a prior installation phase.

Landowners, farm managers, and tenants have a clear plan on which to base decisions.

View the PDF "The Steps to a Proper Drainage Installation "

Let Seevers Farm Drainage put a plan together for you, contact us, or submit a project inquiry today!

Tile Repairs

Full range tile repair service. Contact us, or submit a repair request today!

Septic Systems

Licensed with over 35 years of experience installing and repairing septic systems.

Leach field systems

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Aeration / aerobic systems

Sand filter systems

Municipal connections

Excavating & Erosion Control

Drainage ditch maintenance


Erosion Control Structures

Basement excavation

Inground pool excavation

Waterway maintenance & Construction


Engineering - Agricultural Topographic Surveying / Designs

Complete topographic surveying

Contour maps provided.

3D projection of survey provided.

Raw data available in a number of formats for customer use.

State of the art RTK GPS survey equipment.

System tile designs - (requires a survey)

Complete designs providing the following information:,

Maps showing sizes, lengths, depths, and slope.
Drainage Water Management plans
Flow analysis reports by tile line.

Designs are in accordance with Illinois Drainage Guide recommendations for soil classifications.

Customer parameters can be specified.

Min/max tile depths
Detailed "to scale" as-builts

View the PDF "The Steps to a Proper Drainage Installation "

Drainage coefficient
Google Earth KMZ, PDF, and DXF formats available upon request.
Disclaimer: SFDI is NOT a licensed land surveyor, and we DO NOT provide surveys for legal purposes. Our topography surveys are for the sole purpose of installing agricultural drainage or surface drainage. Top of Page <<PREV Home Services Technology Projects Resources About NEXT>> ©2011 Seevers Farm Drainage, Inc.